College & Taxes

“I don’t know anyone who can live off $15,000 a year.”             

College is hell, anyone who says otherwise is a liar….


Writing poetry is hard.                   

                                            No, it isn’t……


I watch my skin crack and split
As flames seep up from within…


Oh Sir Knight you lost it all
In Lover’s plight and Lover’s call…

Apologizes to my very few readers!

The first quarter of my English master degree program has felt like a roller coaster at Six Flags. Currently, the quarter is in the process of ending as I scramble to finish my essays by midnight tonight! There will quite an onslaught of updates starting next week.

Remember, Remember the month of November

For some of us, November is a big month, for me especially thanks to my job. For others, it’s college application time. Hopefully, you’re aware of this already. If you’re not, step on it and save some money. How to make your application stand out. No matter what stage you’re at in your life, whether…

The Importance of College Clubs

I cannot stress how important it is to become active in a writing/reading focused college club. I constantly hear how an English degree is useless outside of academics and honestly, it can be, when you fail to employ your skills. My first year of college consisted of me simply going to and from class. I…